How does flexible office space differ from a standard office lease?

Flexible Office Space
October 11, 2021

Have you heard the term flexible office space but you’re not sure how it differs from a standard lease?

  • You sign an office service agreement rather than a lease
  • There is no cost per square foot with flexible office space; you pay the cost per office 
  • With flexible office you will be using shared facilities (think kitchens and conference rooms) rather than your own space if you lease
  • There’s no-to-minimal upfront capex required for flexible office. It’s essentially turn-key, whereas with an office, you have to pay to wire and furnish
  • Flexible office space has shorter terms than a standard lease, typically 12 months or month-to-month, while a standard office lease is generally 5-10 years (can certainly be less)
  • Standard leases are often 60-100 page documents, while a flex agreement is only about 10 pages = less in legal fees (attorneys don’t hate me!) – Note Either way a real estate attorney review is key 🔑
  • Finally, with a flexible office space you can grow and shrink easily according to what your business demands, while a lease and a traditional office you have a set amount of space, which makes shrinking or expanding more difficult. You may need to sublease, get a second office, or move if you need to decrease or increase office space.
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