Top 5 Entrepreneur and Start-Up Events in NYC: 2017 Edition

Top 5 Entrepreneur and Start-Up Events in NYC: 2017 Edition

Amazing view of NYC skyline

Authors Note: NYC Office Suites is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the top NYC entrepreneur and startup events year after year. Check out our most recent article The Top 7 Entrepreneur Events in NYC for 2018!

Right now is an ideal time to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship or start your own business. Running your own company takes passion, drive, and mental stamina, but the rewards of doing what you love on your own terms are unparalleled.

Many entrepreneurs make the rookie mistake of trying to figure out everything for their new business on their own. But there is a wealth of knowledge and support in the NYC community to help entrepreneurs and start-up businesses get off the ground and succeed for many years to come.

Here is our top five NYC event list for entrepreneurs this summer and fall.

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Top 10 Real Estate Events to Attend in NYC 2017

Top 10 Real Estate Events to Attend in NYC 2017

Authors Note: NYC Office Suites is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the top NYC real estate events year after year. Check out our most recent article Top 10 Real Estate Events to Attend in 2018!

New York City and real estate are practically synonymous, and this is THE place to be if you work in the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a real estate professional because technological developments and new sustainability demands are changing the way buildings are bought and sold. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date on industry trends and network with other professionals to serve your clients in the best way possible.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 10 real estate events taking place in NYC this year, including details of each conference and the keynote speakers.

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How a Trump Administration May Impact NYC Commercial Real Estate

NYC Office Suites provides convenient and affordable conference room rental NYC

Well before Donald Trump was ever involved in politics, he was famous for his powerful role in real estate, and his name has been synonymous with the industry as it is displayed on prominent buildings all around the world. With his new role in the political realm, many people within the real estate industry are wondering how Trump as, President of the United States, may influence and mold the real estate market, globally, nationally, and especially in his hometown, here in New York City.

In this article, we’ll explore the impact that an incoming President, Donald Trump, may have on commercial real estate markets, and more specifically on commercial office space Manhattan in NYC.

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Trumped Up! The Impact of the Trump Presidency on the NYC Housing Market

Jay Glazer

This article was courteously provided by “The Jay Glazer Team” to share with our readership.

I think it’s safe to say that not many of us here in the (mostly) blue state of New York were expecting Donald Trump to get elected president. Political opinions aside, it’s the new reality, and with such uncertainty and surprise, there are surely to be ramifications top to bottom on the political, economic, social, and ecological stages. Having said this, we are here in New York City, and we are homeowners, so let me get down to brass tacks on how I think his election will affect our housing market.

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Top 10 Real Estate Events to Attend 2016

Real Estate Events in NYC 2016

Authors Note: NYC Office Suites is dedicated to keeping you up to date on the top NYC real estate events year after year. Check out our most recent article Top 10 Real Estate Events to Attend in 2018!

If you work in real estate, either commercial or residential, you know this industry is all about being connected to the right people and keeping up with the latest trends. Lots of real estate conferences and events take place in New York City every year and are worth attending to say competitive.

Here are ten real estate events to check out right here in the city in 2016!

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NYC Office Space Color Palate for Innovation

New York City Office Space

The perfect New York City office space is one that embodies your company’s culture, tone and spirit. Without committing to the arduous project of fully renovating your NYC office space there are a few things company owners and managers can do to spruce up their workspace. Here, NYC Office Suites shows you how to jazz up a New York City Office Space on the fly.

Sure, an empty commercial office room with a table and a couple of chairs can work as a corporate meeting room or conference space, but is that really the way your small company wants to promote itself? Yes, a sparsely furnished meeting space is perfectly functional but adding some decorative functional touches and using color to enhance the feel of the workspace can improve the outcomes of meetings with clients. So why not invest in touching up the environment with some mood enhancing color choices?

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NYC Grand Central Office Space for Retail & Showroom Offices for Rent

You have a fantastic retail product — for example, a great necktie.  You can source it.  You want to retail it on the Internet because you have a limited budget.  Your website looks great.  What else do you need?  You still need physical space for strategic administration and product fulfillment.  Serviced offices in NYC provide that flexibly and affordability.  What can you do to go beyond, and truly cause your product to take off – or, what can you do to spot and execute your next perfectly timed Pivot?  Two potential directions in NYC include:

  1. The showroom office space
  2. The retail point of sale

We have covered the first topic — how to use flexible NYC offices for corporate buyers to visit — in previous articles. In this article, we bring to your attention another way our Midtown New York office clients are staying ahead of potential customer tastes: the Grand Central rental retail kiosk.

A Rental Kiosk in NYC’s Grand Central Delivers Uncommon Exposure

Over 500,000 people visit NYC’s Grand Central Terminal daily. This location works very well for Apple Computer!  Inside Grand Central, both tourists and locals walk the Lexington Passageway every day whether shopping the Grand Central Market, getting their shoes shined, browsing a window display or just passing through on their way to and from work.

With so much foot traffic, the Grand Central retail kiosks provide an ideal rental opportunity to transition your virtual showcase into a tactile experience and built-in customer reactions study. A Grand Central rental kiosk provides a unique niche for up-and-coming smaller and independent businesses, increasing marketing reach and product awareness.

Combining a NYC Office Space & Kiosk Lease

Grand Central office space for retail in the Graybar building paired with Lexington Passage flexible kiosk leasing provides an ideal opportunity for web retailers.  The ability to test a physical product is immediate and at the same time, the physical presence of the product cross-promotes a virtual store.  Having a showroom office space within the Graybar Building, which is connected to Grand Central Terminal, can additionally benefit your business with:

  • Close proximity to your rental kiosk
  • Office space for design staff
  • Office space for inventory and display
  • Order fulfillment
  • Professional reception of guests
  • Office space for corporate buyer showroom
  • Class A Midtown NYC professional office address

Our Diverse Office Space Options in NYC

NYC Office Suites provides a wide variety of office solutions to complement a Grand Central Terminal kiosk lease.  We offer short-term and long-term contracts that are flexible and straightforward. Offices and NYC meeting rooms can be rented by the hour, day, month or year, and through various subscription programs.  Having a flexible rental office space in close proximity to your Grand Central NYC retail kiosk lease provides your business with ease of operations and enhanced strategic thinking.

The showroom office space itself is an efficient solution that welcomes your staff and guests with various one and two person offices, along with conference meeting rooms, receptionist-staffed lobby and kitchen.  Whether you are in the need of a professional space to meet with your wholesale and high volume customers or need space for product storage and security, NYC Office Suites will work with you to ensure the right fit for your business. Call us today at 1-800-346-3968 or contact us online to learn about all of our flexible office space options.

NYC Office Suites Opens Bright New Office Business Center at 733 3rd Ave.

Apr. 27, 2013 – NEW YORK — New York, : NYC Office Suites announces the March 1 launch of a new office rental and meeting room location, the fourth in Midtown New York City. The Class A office tower is located in Midtown Manhattan’s Grand Central District at 733 3rd Ave. NYC Office Suites offers short-term, equipped and furnished prebuilt office space, meeting rooms and virtual offices on two renovated, sunny high floors. In opening this new location NYC Office Suites renews its commitment to providing customers with high-quality office space solutions in high-class convenient buildings.
“Our new office business center at 733 3rd Ave. offers more than just convenience,” said Dan Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites. “You have a well thought out renovated space on sunny high floors in an exclusive,high-service Class A building.”

“The Grand Central location is also important”, continues Avital Shimshowitz, VP of Sales & Marketing. “This flexible office cluster in Grand Central, and indeed the sharpened operational focus on Midtown Manhattan, allows us to share human resources efficiently and serve the customer better and at a local level! We strive to provide quality on-site managerial and administrative support.”
“Let’s not forget the diversity of office space,” continued James Williams, Director of Corporate Development. “This space is characterized by an unusually high proportion of windowed offices, and we designed and constructed secure workspaces for a variety of price points, from our innovative sliding door efficiencies all the way up to ten-workstation large corner office team rooms. We even have specially designed closets and filing cabinets for those with on-demand, virtual or full-time offices plus storage needs.”

Technologically, NYC Office Suites’ office business center also reflects the current best practices. The leading edge phone system features Cisco’s most advanced and feature-rich color VOIP handsets. The Internet is reliable, enterprise-grade, fast and wireless-enabled. Conference rooms are equipped with 51-inch flatscreen TVs for business presentations and videoconferencing. Scanning, color printing and faxing are accomplished via the latest Canon commercial-grade equipment.

“We look forward to welcoming clients into our new office business center. Regardless of industry, be it financial services, legal, technology, media or even freelance, we handle the occupancy and technology solution so that clients can manage and grow their business.”

Catering to the Mobile Worker With Mobile Websites

NYC Office Suites has become the first major office business center to provide clients and other visitors with a seamless mobile interface on its website.

Daniel J. Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said, “More professionals than ever are considered mobile workers, and that number is only growing, especially among management-level US information workers. Recognizing this trend and the extreme suitability of our products, we have expanded our New York virtual office marketing efforts, added inexpensive co-working options, provided wireless access in common areas, expanded our videoconferencing capabilities and entered into multiple marketing partnerships to offer virtual offices located all over the world. Our new mobile subdomain, is part of this effort as it facilitates communication with the mobile worker.”


NYC Office Suites’ mobile subdomain is designed to have a very brief load time yet it is also functional. New clients may read about New York serviced offices, view photos of three Midtown locations and even pull up complete “zoomable” floorplans.

Mr. Entwistle continues, “The mobile subdomain is not just for new NYC office space clients. Our existing clients may jump from this site directly to our mobile-enabled client portals. After signing in for security our clients can see what Manhattan conference rooms and Midtown day offices are available on our calendar and book available meeting rooms or office space electronically on the spot.”

When there is interest in any of NYC Office Suites’ many New York City office space products, including on-demand meeting room space, on-demand day offices, virtual office discounted subscription programs and full-time walled Midtown offices, new clients may contact management with a single tap of the finger.

Mr. Entwistle adds, “At NYC Office Suites, we strive to offer accessibility, flexibility and customer service. We are pleased to apply our philosophies to cater to the mobile worker. The implementation of this mobile website office space technology is just the beginning.”

About NYC Office Suites

NYC Office Suites operates office business centers at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue & 44th Street; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue & 44th Street; and the “Love” building at 1350 Avenue of the Americas & 55th Street. Each serviced office location is equipped with full administrative support, leading edge business technology, and other amenities for a fast-paced business environment. We offer all clients scalable New York City office space as well as state-of-the-art telecommunication and Internet services, on-site concierge services and other amenities supporting business needs.

Phone: (800) 346-3968