Office Business Centers are Well-Suited for Pop-Up Showroom Space

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September 4, 2011

Fully brand-conscious companies operating in the Internet age need attractive, professional, economical and flexible (even pop-up) Manhattan showroom space to present differentiated products and prototypes in the best way to the biggest or most-followed buyers. This need exists regardless of consumer or industrial end use.

Recently, though, there has been a surge of interest in showroom space from the ever-evolving fast-fashion retail market. Typically, a high-growth fashion brand company will maintain a quality showroom and entertain purchasing agents from all channels including mass merchandiser, department store and catalogue/e-commerce.

There are many reasons that showrooms at an office business center with specific experience is attractive, including:

* Is well-lit with windows, extra halogen floor lamps, and even spotlights
Has a relatively high-ceiling

* Allows rapid space customization including color paint, wall decals, shelving and flat screen TV mounts

* Has a sub-reception area in the space with a professional desk, state-of-the-art phone, Internet access and all other professional corporate equipment

* Has a well-appointed high-end feel to showroom space surroundings

* Has modern office furniture options that serve as a canvas

* Provides greeting services by professional, university-educated reception staff as clients come out of the elevators

* Has a professional building lobby and security

* Has excellent transportation options for staff and clients including easy access to subways and trains

* Includes climate control, facilities, limited beverage service and other amenities

* Provides access to professionally appointed conference rooms, meeting rooms, and board rooms

* Provides access to video conferencing facilities and various meeting tools, such as LCD Projectors and white boards for sales and marketing sessions

Daniel J. Entwistle, President of NYC Office Suites, said, “the advantages of using an office business center with showroom expertise are many. Our 75,000 square foot facility in the Plaza District, with its bright build-out and nearby world-class shopping, has available configurations to enhance any brand. Our clients’ visitors will get the feeling of corporate permanence while maintaining maximum flexibility with service agreement terms as short as two months.”

One of the recent temporary showroom clients was Rocket Dog Brands LLC. Scott Briskie, Chief Financial Officer of Rocket Dog Brands LLC, said “we found NYC Office Suites’ facilities and office/showroom space invaluable as we awaited the construction of our new expanded showroom. Purchasers were greeted courteously by the NYC Office Suites reception team and escorted to the space. Our employees had the business center support (such as state-of-the-art phones, fast Internet connections and high speed color scanning) required to close deals. Most importantly, we had a short-term, flexible contract and a professional environment in which to showcase our unique footwear created for the fashion conscious girl.”

Mr. Entwistle continued, “our efficient team members can complete and configure a move within 24 hours. Furthermore, our clients can stay with us after the project through a virtual office arrangement. Since 1988, we’ve been providing flexible, ready-to-use, furnished office space allowing companies, teams, groups or individuals to establish themselves in a very short time without the headaches or costs associated with building out space and signing a traditional lease. We have built our franchise by providing decades of exceptional customer service to include nearly 500 fully serviced offices and conference rooms at our three marquee addresses.”

Avital Shimshowitz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of NYC Office Suites, added, “1350 Avenue of the Americas is a great location for a fashion label to expand a brand. We are just one block from many fabulous retailers on Fifth Avenue such as Gucci, Prada and Abercrombie & Fitch. Our staff assists with events, including managing the many NYC catering options, and our kitchen is equipped with a wine refrigerator. I can see why a fashion showroom manager would want to use a scalable office as a place to develop a brand.”

About NYC Office Suites

NYC Office Suites operates office business centers at three New York landmarks: the Graybar Building at 420 Lexington Avenue; the Commerce Building at 708 Third Avenue; and 1350 Avenue of the Americas. Each office suite is equipped with full administrative support, leading edge business technology, and other amenities for a fast-paced business environment. This turn-key business center offers all clients scalable office space as well as state-of-the-art telecommunication and Internet services, on-site concierge services, and other amenities supporting business and showroom needs. Situated at the top of New York’s “Corporate Row” corridor, the landmark “Love” building is conveniently accessible from the East and West side.

Phone: (800) 346-3968

About Rocket Dog

Based in the Bay Area of California with US offices in Los Angeles and New York City and international headquarters in London, Rocket Dog Brands LLC is a global footwear brand offering women’s, men’s and children’s footwear with distribution in North America, Central America and throughout Europe. The line is sold at leading department stores, specialty chain and boutiques, board shops and in major catalogues and online retailers worldwide with prices ranging from $30 to $198.

Phone: (212) 977-9119

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