The Importance of Scheduling Occasional Offsite Meetings

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September 26, 2017

Most normal office meetings take place in a company’s conference room or onsite event space. But occasionally, a meeting is scheduled for a special purpose, includes employees from multiple locations, or has specific technology requirements. Managers can use offsite meetings in a variety of ways to benefit the company and the employees who work for it.

This article discusses the impact of occasionally scheduling meetings offsite and tips for planning a successful offsite event.

Offsite Meetings and Productivity

A simple change of location can result in a huge boost in productivity. When all of your meetings are held in your home office, employees are faced with the distractions of being so close to their desks. It’s far too easy to get distracted when your phone and computer are close by. There are typically fewer distractions in offsite meeting rooms, which allows everyone to focus on the issues at hand and tackle the meeting agenda in an efficient way.

Offsite Meetings and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is very important for managers to keep in mind, and occasional offsite meetings can help with this. Many of today’s modern companies employ remote employees who work from home or in satellite offices. Offsite meetings can bring everyone together in a mutually convenient space and help employees connect in-person. Meeting rooms for rent are also excellent venues for team-building exercises and for encouraging employees to interact on a personal level.

Other Benefits of Offsite Meetings

There are lots of other benefits to scheduling an offsite meeting, in addition to productivity and engagement. For example, specialized offsite meeting rooms for rent are often equipped with the latest and greatest technology so that you can seamlessly run presentations and teleconferences. Also, a change of scenery may be all that’s needed to spark newfound creativity and innovation. At times, every manager needs to switch things up in the usual work routine to spark the ingenuity hidden within the daily grind.

How to Plan a Successful Offsite Meeting

If the offsite meeting location you have chosen is unfamiliar to you, it is a smart idea to visit it before your scheduled meeting. This way, you can get a better sense of the space and how you can operate in it. At this time, you can work out any technical issues, seating capacity concerns, and address building access questions in advance so that you don’t waste any time on meeting day.

If your employees will need to travel for the offsite meeting, you may also want to research good lunch options in the area or happy hour bars nearby. When you book a meeting room through an experienced local company, like NYC Office Suites, we can offer recommendations to ease your planning burden.

As with any meeting, it is important to establish your goals for the meeting and establish an agenda to keep everyone on track. You’ll also want to consider your meeting planning budget and stay within a range that you and your superiors feel comfortable with.

Meeting Rooms for Rent in NYC

The location that you choose for your offsite meeting matters a lot, and fortunately, there are lots of meeting rooms for rent in Midtown Manhattan. NYC Office Suites offers meeting spaces, conference facilities, and day offices that are available by the day or hour. Our meeting room pricing starts as low as $39 per hour as part of a package deal. And this includes full access to our administrative staff and technology team to help your offsite meeting run smoothly.

With all these benefits of offsite meetings in mind, send us a message or call us at 1-800-346-3968 to book your next New York City meeting rooms for rent!

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