Effectively Using Temporary Office Space as Your Flexible Workplace

Business professionals utilizing temporary office space
January 12, 2018

Office workers come to rely upon consistency and regularity in the workplace to stay organized, productive, and on-schedule. But there are a lot of things out of employees’ control that can disrupt this familiar environment and throw everyone for a loop.

From planned construction projects to technical problems in the office and even dangerous electrical issues, it is very possible that your regular office space may become unusable for a short or extended period of time. When this situation occurs, it’s a smart idea to move into a temporary work space to avoid disrupting the flow of work. Here are some tips for utilizing a temporary office space in the event that your workplace cannot accommodate your team during repairs or an emergency.

Temporary Office Space to the Rescue

Not having access to your office’s computers, files, and meeting rooms can be very stressful and stand in the way of you doing your job well. That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan in place so that unexpected issues don’t catch you and your team off-guard.

Whether it’s a planned project or an unexpected uprooting, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with temporary work space options nearby. This way, you and your staff can get work done outside of your typical setting and not unnecessarily sacrifice company productivity.

Transitioning into Your Short Term Office Space

However, it should go without saying that transitioning from your regular office space to a temporary office will require an adjustment period and take some time to get used to. Consider creating a transition manual or brief set of guidelines to address these issues in advance of any temporary move.

To begin, it’s important to have a good understanding of what resources you and your team will need and to prepare all of the necessary documents to bring with you to the temporary office. Laptops and other tech devices can be brought along and put to work in temporary office spaces equipped with plug-and-play telecommunications systems and high-speed internet. If you choose a fully furnished temporary office space, you won’t have to worry about hauling over heavy pieces of furniture just to be comfortable.

Making the Most of Temporary Office Space

If your meeting spaces are compromised in addition to your employee workstations, then you’ll also need a reliable solution for temporary meeting space while your home office is unusable. Temporary meeting space is great for hosting client meetings while your office is under construction and too noisy or cluttered to appear professional.

It’s also a great way to stick to your planned meeting schedule without missing a beat or cancelling on important clients when unforeseen situations come up. Something else to know about temporary offices and meeting spaces is that they can come equipped with an administration staff to assist with meeting prep work and a technology team to handle any tech issues as you settle in.

Where to Find a Temporary Office in NYC

At NYC Office Suites, we believe that being prepared for anything is the best way to do business, and we’re committed to helping you be prepared to do your job right. We can set you up with temporary office space at the Plaza District, Commerce Building, Graybar Building, or Midtown East for as long as you need and until your regular office is ready to accommodate you. We offer flexible contract terms, hassle-free management, and many different office configurations to create executive suites, private office space, team rooms, and much more.

To plan for whatever 2018 throws your way and avoid losing even a day of valuable productivity, contact us today to learn more about our temporary office space solutions and what you can do now to be well-prepared.

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