Do You Need to Rent Office Space as a Freelancer?

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March 13, 2018

Freelance working has become a very attractive option for many people who enjoy working for themselves, who can juggle multiple projects at once, and who have marketable skills that are attractive to employers. However, every freelance arrangement is unique, and many new freelancers have concerns about how to set up a home office, how to receive payments, how to stay motivated, and how to establish a professional image to attract new business.

This article will address common questions about what a freelancer is, the types of industries that freelancers work in, and why freelance office space is beneficial. We’ll also compare the pros and cons of renting office space versus opting for coworking spaces in the freelance economy.

What Is Freelance?

Freelance is a way of working that exchanges services for a fee, typically without a long-term contract for permanent employment. Some freelancers work for a single client, while others have many clients who contact them on an occasional basis for new work assignments. The question of “what is freelance jobs?” can be answered in a variety of ways depending on whether there is a written contract in place, a verbal agreement for services and payment, and the length of time that a freelancer works is committed to a particular client.

Types of Freelancers in the Modern Business World

While freelancing arrangements work better in some industries than others, there are many types of freelancers that work in a variety of industries. Freelance writing, editing, and proofreading are popular professions for people who have a mastery of their language and a creative mindset. Other types of freelancers work in marketing, public relations, data entry, transcription, and as virtual assistants.

You can also find call center jobs, computer programming jobs, online tutoring jobs, research jobs, and account management jobs that are remote in nature and have freelance opportunities. There are various websites that serve as “middlemen” to connect aspiring freelancers to businesses in need of specialized work where you can create a personalized profile and apply for jobs that interest you.

Benefits of Freelance Office Space

Many self-employed freelancers begin their freelance careers by working at home and only occasionally visiting clients or commuting to meetings. However, working at home has certain disadvantages, such as noise, distractions, technology constraints, and a lack of connection to other people. Freelancers can often overcome these challenges by securing freelance office space to provide them with a focused and professional setting to do their jobs.

Unlike coworking spaces, which tend to be lively and distracting, it is often beneficial for freelancers to rent their own office space once their freelance businesses get off the ground. Coworking spaces are great for networking and collaboration, but they aren’t always ideal for getting down to work and cranking out high-quality material.

Freelancers oftentimes don’t require a permanent office every day or can’t afford the high commercial rents in New York City. This is why temporary offices in New York City are so popular among freelancers, such as those offered by NYC Office Suites. We provide fully furnished, equipped, and staffed temporary office space in Manhattan with flexible terms and contracts that can last as little as three months. The nature of freelance work can be uncertain, which is why temporary offices with flexible terms are so important.

Freelance office space in a prestigious Midtown NYC location can push your freelance business to the next level by providing you with a dedicated place to work and a professional image that will keep your clients coming back to use your services in the future. With hassle-free management and professional help with technology and administrative needs, freelancers can focus on what’s important in their careers and leave all the burdensome details to someone else.

If you’re a current or aspiring freelancer and want to learn more about the costs and perks of freelance office space, contact us today.

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