5 Ways to Deal with Your Coworkers

Woman frustrated by annoying coworker
April 17, 2018

If you ask many people what the best parts of their jobs are, you’ll often hear about wonderful coworkers that make even the most tedious tasks more bearable and even enjoyable. But not all coworkers are this uplifting, and dealing with coworkers can actually be downright unpleasant!

In an age of changing office structures with more coworking spaces and open floor plan designs, sharing office space with coworkers can easily distract you and reduce your productivity. Whether you’re faced with a loud-talker, an over-sharer, a gossiper, a bully, or a coworker with seriously strange eating habits, here are five ways for dealing with annoying coworkers at work.

1. Designate a Quiet Zone

In the modern office, there’s an ideal place for meetings, for socialization, and for quiet time. If your office doesn’t have a designated quiet zone, then perhaps it’s time for you to create one. Pick an area of the office that can be closed off from noisy hallways and that’s as far away from communal spaces as possible. Then add some friendly signs to remind your coworkers where the quiet zone boundaries lie and some lighthearted rules to abide by.

2. Address the Situation Privately

If your coworker issue is with just one person, then perhaps a simple and honest conversation can make your work life much more livable. After evaluating your own sensitivities and your coworker’s behavior, make time to meet one-on-one to discuss what’s bothering you. Your coworker may have no idea that certain actions are even bothersome, so it’s best to get everything out into the open so that it can be resolved before becoming a major issue.

3. Lead by Positive Example

There’s no such thing as the perfect coworker, and chances are that some of your coworkers have a few unspoken complaints about you as well. If loud, rude, and annoying behavior is common in your workplace, you may want to start a group conversation by asking what you can personally do to create a more positive environment. You can also suggest things like stepping into a conference room during loud discussions to avoid disturbing nearby employees as a solution to how to deal with difficult coworkers and to lead by example.

4. Invest in Amazing Headphones

No modern office space is complete without a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones for dealing with loud coworkers and rude situations that are beyond your control. This is a great solution for noise issues that are minor or only occasional. Some soothing instrumental music may be just what you need to block out annoying sounds around you in the office.

5. Rent Private Office Space

If all else fails, then perhaps it’s time for you to move out and find a work space where you can be productive and happy! NYC Office Suites offers short-term and temporary office space solutions in vibrant Midtown Manhattan that have everything you need to get started. With multiple sublease configurations available, you can secure your very own executive office or flexible workspace with competitive rates. This may sound like a drastic measure, but temporary office space terms are flexible and can be ideal for your schedule, budget, and goals.

Thanks to plug-and-play internet and telecommunications, readily accessible office supplies, and hassle-free management, you won’t even have to cope with downtime as you switch up your office setting. Don’t let distracting coworkers get in the way of what you can accomplish in your career. Contact us today to see if a temporary office space is right for you and to get set up with your very own workspace in New York City.

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