10 Things to Look for in a New Office Space

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September 27, 2018

10 Things to Look for in a New Office Space


It is very normal and natural for businesses to grow, shrink, and change forms every few years. However, these changes may require different working accommodations and new office spaces to house employees and host clients. Furthermore, a business’ work setting can have a profound impact upon its success and the productivity of its employees.

This article will highlight the top 10 things that business owners should look for when searching for a new office space.


1. Space Considerations


One of the first things a business owner should think about when a new office space is needed is space. Consider whether potential properties have enough space for your business to grow or if they have unnecessary amounts of space that you cannot afford to fill. As a general rule, allow for at least 70 square feet of space per person who will regularly be in your office.

Also, don’t forget about meeting rooms, kitchen space, and recreational space when you are comparing properties and thinking about space considerations. If you bring in freelancers to work for you on an occasional basis, make sure that they have on-demand work space as well. Cramped offices can reduce employee productivity, so avoid squeezing into a space that is honestly too small just to save money.


2. Renting vs. Buying Space


Another big decision is whether to rent office space or buy a space of your own. Buying space may make you a more established member of the local business community but come at a great financial expense and lock you into one location. Meanwhile, renting office space provides greater flexibility but could also drain your budget due to high rental prices in New York City. As an alternative, you may want to look into temporary office space in Midtown New York for affordable pricing and maximum flexibility for future business changes.


3. High-Profile Business Address


Location continues to play an important role in how a business is viewed and its professional status. Whether you sign a traditional lease, buy property, or utilize temporary office space, a high-profile business address can take your company a step further beyond the competition.

These types of business addresses and the prestige that goes with them often come with a high price tag. But with NYC Office Suites, you can affordably establish your business at high-profile locations like the Rockefeller Center, Citicorp Center, Grand Central, and the Graybar Building. The office and address you choose sends out a signal to the business community, so make sure that it’s sending out the one you want to project in order to build your brand.


4. Value for the Price


Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money when looking for a new business office. Compare multiple properties to ensure that you are getting the best deal for what you have to spend in your business budget. Doing a quick comparison of various properties in the same area should give you a sense of whether you’re getting the best value for the price.

You’ll also want to consider moving costs and how well you can afford to move your business to the new location. Ask your real estate agent about any hidden costs that may exist, such as maintenance, move in/out costs, or parking costs. Also, consider costs like office furniture, construction costs, utilities and internet, IT setup, taxes, and janitorial services.


5. Proximity to Clients


Networking is a key part of nearly every type of business, so you may want to be as close as possible to key business leaders and potential collaborators. For example, if most of the business you conduct is in New York City, then you may want to be in a convenient part of town so that clients can easily hop on the subway or hail a cab to your new location.


6. Proximity to Employees


It’s often your employees that keep your business going and propel your vision forward. Therefore, you will want an office space that is as accessible and convenient for your employees to get to as possible. This is especially true if you require your employees to work onsite every day.

Even if you allow your employees to work remotely at least part of the time, it is still beneficial to establish an occasional or temporary office space that is conveniently located for team meetings and group events. This could mean establishing an office close to a convenient subway line or well-connected public bus stop, for example.


7. Technology Infrastructure


As you shop around for a new office space, make sure to ask plenty of questions about the infrastructure of the property and its technological capabilities. You’ll want to ensure that the building is equipped with the infrastructure you need to run your business’ operational systems with minimal upgrades or hassles. Ensure that the space is already cabled for internet access and that the connection is reliable.

In addition to internet capabilities, you will also want to verify the infrastructure for other forms of communications, such as telephone service and mail delivery. Our temporary office spaces, for example, feature plug-and-play telecommunications with onsite support if you need assistance.


8. Parking Available Nearby


If you have employees and clients who are coming from various places and that will need to drive to meet with you, verify what the parking situation is in the area before settling on a new office. Walk around the outside of the property to see what types of parking garages and street parking options exist in the area.

Parking in New York City is rarely cheap, but you may still want to have some good parking options around as your business grows or changes. Whether your company currently employs disabled employees or not, it is a smart idea to choose an office that is ADA compliant to allow people of all abilities to safely enter and navigate your new office space with ease.


9. Amenities for Employees


In addition to parking, also consider what amenities are offered for your employees in a new space, both inside of the office and outside of it nearby. With a temporary office space from NYC Office Suites, your employees will enjoy a furnished, equipped, and staffed space from the first moment they walk through the new office door. Having a modern and stylish office will also help establish your company’s brand and make your employees feel like they are part of a great company to work for.

Also, survey the neighborhoods of potential office spaces to see what else is in the area. You may want to choose a location that is near a few restaurants so that employees can go out to lunch or coffeeshops that they can stop by in the morning on their way to work. Having a good happy hour bar nearby is also fun for company celebrations and special events. Having a gym near your new office can encourage employees to exercise and squeeze in a workout before or after their work days.


10. Safety and Security Considerations


A final but very important consideration for new office spaces is security because every employee and client you work with deserves to feel safe. Assess the security situation at new properties, such as whether a security guard is onsite 24/7, whether a keycard is required for entry, and whether a metal detector is utilized at entrances. Depending on the nature of your business and your security risks, these factors could be major deciding factors in choosing a new office.

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