Virtual Office Space as a Recruiting Tool

Young Professional Working in a Virtual Office Space
September 20, 2016

The costly and inflexible nature of leased office space simply doesn’t work with modern business. Many employers are exploring alternative work strategies to accommodate the expectations of an evolving workforce without sacrificing productivity or professionalism.

Virtual offices in NYC have the potential to transform the way the world does business for innovative companies and the talented individuals who work for them. Better yet, virtual offices can even serve as a recruiting tool to attract new talent and retain valuable employees.

Virtual Office Benefits

Virtual office spaces have become increasingly popular in the American workforce. More and more businesses are allowing a significant portion of their workforce to work remotely, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have traditional business needs like communication and address services.

For a nominal fee, virtual offices provide communication services, such as voicemail, phone answering, and remote receptionists, as well as space services, including a professional mailing address, open envelope services, drop-in workspace, and onsite amenities.

These are some of the many virtual office benefits to consider as an employer.

  • Give employees more control over their work schedules
  • Save money on rent, utilities, furniture, and supplies
  • Provide an attractive option for talented potential employees
  • Promote an innovative and adaptive company image
  • Utilize the most up-to-date technology
  • Maintain a sense of professionalism and prestige
  • Access convenient amenities when you need them
  • Establish opportunities to meet face-to-face when necessary

Attracting and Retaining High Quality Talent

As an employer, one of your top goals is to attract high quality talent that carries out your mission and helps your company be successful. Studies and surveys suggest that non-monetary benefits can actually make employees happier and more productive at work than just a simple raise in salary. This is especially true for younger workers and the millennial generation, but applies to many demographics in different industries. These benefits include things like subsided training, flexible schedules, telecommuting, and mentoring programs.

One Society for Human Resource Management survey found that 58 percent of human resource professionals say flexibility is the best way to attract new quality talent, and that percentage is growing every year. Virtual offices allow businesses to seamlessly maintain and grow their operations while expanding their hiring pool of talented potential employees. With more applicants to choose from, businesses can choose to hire staff based on their qualifications, work history, and work style in remote settings. Not every person and not every position is well-suited for a remote working environment, but having virtual office space for occasional use can increase accountability and enhance employer-employee communication.

Not only do virtual office spaces act as a recruiting tool, but they can also serve as a means to retain your most valuable workers. With effective remote working technology and convenient office amenities when you need them, you can secure the loyalty and dedication of your best employees for many years to come.

The process of implementing a virtual office into your current business strategy takes minimal time, effort, and cost when compared to setting up in a traditional office. This working arrangement has become very common, acceptable, and even popular, so there’s no longer an unfavorable stigma or unprofessionalism or instability to worry about.

Virtual Offices in Manhattan

If you’re interested in services for flexible offices in Manhattan, then look no further than NYC Office Suites. We offer day offices, meeting rooms, live receptionists, virtual assistants, business address profiles, and more for our virtual office customers. And we’re committed to helping remote-working businesses become more productive and successful than ever before.

With our virtual office service offerings, you can choose your desired number of private desk office days, meeting room hours, live receptionist voice packages, website and social media virtual mail assistant profile addresses, and flexible workspace packages. These part-time services are attractive options for small, mid-sized, and large companies to expand professional business operations with a minimal outlay. Contact us today to learn more!

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