7 Skills Every Digital Nomad Needs to Be Productive

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April 12, 2017

Remote working has already begun to transform the way that companies do business, and it’s been estimated that a billion people will work as digital nomads by the year 2035. Working from “wherever” might sound appealing to employees trapped in cubicles, but not everyone or every industry is well-suited for this type of arrangement.

Yet there are many ways that remote workers can be just as productive and efficient (or more so!) than their peers in traditional office environments. In this article, we’ll cover the seven most important skills, habits, and traits that digital nomads need to maximize productivity wherever they find themselves working.

Self-Motivation Away from the Office

One of the biggest differences between traditional work and digital work is accountability. When you work from home or on the road, you won’t have a boss hovering over your shoulder to make sure you’re completing tasks on time. To be productive as a digital nomad, it is essential to be self-motivated and driven by one’s own passions and desire to succeed.

Ignoring Distractions in Any Work Space

Whether you’re traveling, sitting in a coffee shop, or working in a rented temporary office space, digital nomads are often surrounded by distractions. People who are easily distracted don’t often make it very long as digital nomads. Whether it’s investing in noise-cancelling headphones or staying inside a quiet apartment all day, remote workers must find ways to stay focused no matter what is going on around them.

Staying Organized when Working on the Go

Staying organized is key to being a successful digital nomad since this burden falls solely on your shoulders with minimal oversight. It may help to create a work-specific calendar with the tasks you aim to complete during each day and review that calendar first thing in the morning to avoid becoming overwhelmed or scatterbrained. Digital nomads also need to find effective ways to organize and manage emails so that communications aren’t missed and responses aren’t delayed. If a nomad is regularly juggling clients, prospecting as well as all other communication requirements of a business, renting a virtual office can give them a hub to regroup and settle outstanding calls and meetings on their agenda.

Transitioning Between Conference Room Rentals

The nature of digital work is change, which is something that attracts many people to this lifestyle. Flexibility is an important skill for digital nomads to develop so that they can easily adapt to new workplace environments without decreasing productivity

Strong Communication Skills

Communication isn’t just important when you work in an office full of people. In fact, it’s almost even more important if you don’t! Many remote work conversations are carried out via email or instant message; however, good old fashioned phone calls and Skype can may prevent costly and time-consuming misunderstandings before they occur. Digital nomads must develop unique and effective communication strategies with each different client and employer they work with.

Timekeeping and Accounting Knowledge

Although you certainly don’t have to have an accounting degree or a CPA license to become a digital nomad, timekeeping and accounting are often a big part of remote working and being self-employed. Whether you keep a basic spreadsheet with data or invest in industry-specific software, find a method that works for you to follow up with your team on projects and payments and record everything in sufficient detail.

Options for Conference Room Rental NYC

Successful digital nomads are masters at finding focus at a moment’s notice and getting into “work mode” whenever and wherever they are. However, in-person interactions can’t always be replaced by virtual ones. For those situations, there are meeting space NYC options that can help.

With convenient Midtown Manhattan locations and administrative and technical staff ready to help, we provide conference room rental NYC spaces that are affordable, professional, and accommodating. These are great places for digital nomads to schedule interviews, client meetings, and team events to connect on a more personal level and enhance overall productivity. Also, our virtual office options allow you to choose meeting rooms on an hourly or daily basis with full lounge and reception services.

Having access to an office space when you need it but not when you don’t is very valuable to digital nomads who love the freedom and independence that their chosen career path provides. So, next time you’re in need of some meeting space NYC, contact us to get everything set up!

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