Prepare Your Office for Company Growth in Q3 and Q4

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August 18, 2017

There are only a few months left of the year, and lots of business are ramping up operations to finish strong in 2017. Now is the time to make that final push to take your business to the next level and pursue the growth strategy that you’ve been working on for so long.

Here are some tips for making sure your office is ready for exciting and explosive growth in Q3 and Q4.

Revamp Your Calendar System

Every office uses calendars in different ways, but an effective calendar system requires much more than just keeping track of days and times. To keep everyone organized and on the same page, you may want to move from individual calendars to a shared calendar system instead. Teamup is an example of a calendar for groups that simplifies the process of scheduling and sharing. Especially during stages of growth, it’s a good idea to keep short-term and long-term company goals on shared calendars in addition to individual tasks.

Increase Backup Support

It’s important to communicate your growth strategy to employees to ensure that everyone is on board and up to the challenges that lie ahead. Talk to your employees to gauge their ability to work longer hours and feel out the idea of hiring additional support staff. On one hand, you don’t want to burn out your current staff. But on the other hand, you also don’t want to rush into hiring new team members that won’t mesh well with the company culture or goals. Growth plans often take on an entirely new approach, and this may require additional flexibility to reach new markets and focus on new client needs.

Make Technology Upgrades

Not only do your employees need to be up for the new challenges that come along with business picking up, but your technology does too.  While simple technology may have sufficed in the past, you might want to start making tech upgrades now to prepare for more incoming business in Q3 and Q4. Think about whether your current hosting arrangement will be able to accommodate increased web traffic, whether your staff’s computers have the features they need, and how your computer systems will network together if you need to open a second office or expand your current one.

Expand Your Office Space in New York

If your business is growing and showing no signs of slowing down, then perhaps it’s time to consider expanding your office space in New York. To accommodate new staff and advanced forms of technology, it may be necessary to move to a different office that is larger, more high-tech, and more prominently located. It’s difficult to embrace company growth when you’re feeling physically cramped in a small space. So, don’t wait too long to act before outgrowing your current one. But also, keep your company’s long-term growth strategy in mind as you search for new potential offices so that you pick something you can grow into without stretching the budget too thinly.

Consider Temporary Office Spaces

As a practical alternative to signing a long-term lease or buying property, temporary office spaces are ideal for companies that are experiencing rapid or unprecedented growth and that want to safely monitor that growth until it stabilizes. Office Suites’ temporary offices are designed for companies that need a little more space as they grow, expand, and shift markets.

We can help you adjust to and embrace your company’s newfound growth and then capitalize upon it with a variety of customized office space sublease configurations. Take your pick between our attractive models designed for executive offices, multi-person offices, co-working spaces, project offices, cubicle spaces, document review rooms, and even storage suites for archival documents and product samples. To discuss these and other styles of office configurations to accommodate your company’s growth, as well as service agreement information, please send a message or give us a call at 1-800-346-3968.

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