5 Disadvantages of Coworking and Coworking Spaces

Group of workers in coworking space
May 9, 2018

There’s something wonderfully empowering about being able to leave the traditional 9-5 office behind and work on your own schedule from anywhere in the world. When home offices become distracting, unprofessional, or uninspiring, many remote employees turn to coworking spaces to pursue their careers. Perhaps you’re still wondering exactly what is coworking space and how do coworking spaces work. But while coworking was once touted as the perfect solution to achieving that elusive work-life balance, it turns out that this work style isn’t quite so perfect after all.

Here are five unfortunate disadvantages of coworking and coworking spaces and how you can overcome them to find a work structure that fits your life.

1. Diminished Productivity

One of the top reasons why remote workers join coworking spaces is to increase their productivity, but these spaces often have the exact opposite effect. This is because coworking spaces tend to be crowded, noisy, and distracting. While these can be ideal environments for brainstorming and networking, they are rarely good places to hunker down and get work done.

2. Tech Headaches and Hassles

To work outside of a well-connected corporate office, you likely require some high-tech equipment, hardware, and software to do your job right. While some advanced coworking spaces are equipped with all the latest and greatest technology, many still lag behind at the expense of their members. You might be disappointed to learn that the high-speed internet connection at a coworking space isn’t as fast as advertised, that you can’t access the audio/visual equipment you need, or that no one is available to help answer your tech questions in an emergency.

3. Lack of Privacy

Another one of the disadvantages of coworking is a lack of privacy. For example, working in a public place with little privacy can leave you vulnerable if your business competitors are occupying the same coworking space. You may also struggle to maintain privacy and confidentiality on phone calls with sensitive clients or keep private information protected in public areas. This can lead to claims being filed against you, lawsuits, and costly situations that you never bargained for.

4. Insufficient Infrastructure

Since many coworking spaces are new ventures, they often lack the complete office infrastructure that you need to be efficient at work. This could mean not having an ergonomic work desk and chair to keep you comfortable all day long, not having enough electrical outlets for your many devices, or not having adequate lighting to keep you focused. A coworking space that isn’t kept clean and tidy may also be a cause for unnecessary stress and distraction. All of these infrastructure issues tie back into the productivity disadvantages of coworking.

5. High Cost, Low Return

While the marketing material for a new coworking space may reference the countless benefits offered to its members, it’s important to remember that coworking spaces are companies that are in this business to make money. Coworking membership fees vary greatly depending on where you’re located and what services are provided. But oftentimes, the high cost of membership doesn’t turn out to be worth the low return that you receive for your commitment and loyalty.

A Better Alternative to Coworking

Coworking works very well for some people, and that’s why the coworking movement continues to be strong throughout the world. But for everyone else, it’s important to know that other options exist that may better suit your industry and work style.

For example, NYC Office Suites offers temporary office space, meeting rooms with flexible terms, and virtual office services that reduce or eliminate all of the disadvantages of coworking mentioned above. We provide you with access to our very own administrative staff and technology team in a professional space that can accommodate both privacy and social networking on-demand. With competitive rates, short-term commitment options, and an ideal location in Midtown Manhattan, non-traditional working arrangements have never been easier! Contact us to learn more about our coworking alternatives that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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