How To Do Lists Can Change Everything

June 12, 2019

The many things that you need to accomplish every day at work and in your personal life aren’t going anywhere soon, and it sometimes seems that more responsibilities keep piling up week after week. Some people are quick to write of to do lists as being outdated or ineffective, but they can actually work wonders when approached in the right way.

Here are some tips for how to make a to do list that works and also some to do list app recommendations if you don’t want to go old-school with pen and paper.

Challenges of the To Do List

The to do list is a tried-and-true method of personal and professional organization, but it just doesn’t seem to work well for some people. When sitting down to create a task list, it may feel as if there is simply too much to add to it, the list becomes overwhelming, or it’s confusing to know where to begin. A to do list that is overly daunting, disorganized, or not specific enough can set you up for failure and frustration.

When To Do Lists Work Well

However, to do lists can also be very effective in keeping you on track, helping you plan your days, and ensuring that you don’t forget important things throughout the day. Each person’s to do list will look a bit different, but the important thing is to find a structure and strategy that make sense to you personally.

How to Make a To Do List

If you want to try the traditional pen and paper route, you can use simple blank page or choose detailed and decorative daily planner pages to keep yourself organized. Begin by separating your overall task obligations into separate to do lists for work and home responsibilities. This is not a place to write down broad goals, but rather small and manageable tasks that you can check off one by one.

For urgent and priority items, highlight these items or write them in red ink. Jot down tasks as soon as you think of them so that you don’t need to clutter your mind until it’s actually time to work on them.

Many to do lists become more effective when you place due dates on important items to help you prioritize what needs to be done first, versus what can wait until later. Be reasonable with the number of tasks you assign to yourself per day, and don’t be afraid to revise the order of tasks throughout the day as new priorities arise.

To Do List App Recommendations

In our modern digital age, many of us are more comfortable and productive working off of our smartphones than a piece of paper that can easily get lost. Here are some to do list app recommendations to check out and possibly try for yourself:

In our over 30 years of experience, we’ve found that having an ideal place to work and hold meetings can go a long way in helping you cross items off your to do list. To learn more, contact NYC Office Suites to inquire about our well-appointed office locations and virtual office solutions.

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