Why It’s Important to Create Company Culture and How to Maintain It Over Time

June 17, 2019

Among the hottest buzzwords in the workplace today is “company culture,” a concept that is gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes and types. Not only is it in a business’ best interest to establish a workplace culture as early as possible, but also to keep that culture alive and relevant on an ongoing basis.

Here are some tips for how to create and maintain a strong corporate culture for the most positive and productive workplace environment.

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture is defined by the values, mission, personality, and environment of a company. Some businesses have a very rigid structure that’s guided by rules and hierarchy, while others are more casual and creative. Having a positive corporate culture is crucial for recruiting, retention, and employee satisfaction. A workplace culture may feel large and anonymous, small and intimate, serious, or fun. It can clarify purpose for employees, establish an environment of trust, and keep employees engaged over time.

Establish a Set of Company Values

To establish a company culture first requires establishing a set of company values. Brainstorm as a group, learn what is important to your target customers and clients, and focus on your core mission as a business. Defining values should be a collaborative effort, but company leaders should be prepared to codify and implement those values in daily work and by serving as an example.

Thoughtfully Select Employees Who Fit Cultural Ideals

When you rent a meeting room for interviews during the hiring process, consider carefully which candidates will best fit within an existing corporate culture and help reinforce these ideals. Diversity is incredibly beneficial for companies, yet a strong company culture can transcend different backgrounds and identities to bring people together around shared goals.

Create Open Channels of Communication

Good communication is essential for spreading a workplace culture and continually reminding employees what this culture entails. Encourage questions from employees about workplace expectations and also suggestions of how to improve upon the company’s mission.

Have a Community Space for Down Time

You can also help maintain a positive corporate culture by establishing a community space for employees to relax and socialize in during breaks. Many of NYC Office Suite’s ready-to-use Manhattan offices feature flexible workplaces that can be used for many different purposes.

Make Company Awards to Reinforce Culture

Every employee enjoys being rewarded for a job well done, so consider incorporating company awards into your corporate culture. Whether it’s at a summer outing, end-of-the-year dinner party, or spontaneous conference room event, recognizing high-performing employees will remind everyone what the company’s values are and why they’re important.

Encourage Outside-of-Work Team Building

How your employees interact with each other has a profound impact on their productivity, so encourage positive interactions both inside the office and outside of it. Team-building activities outside the office help employees connect with each other in ways they probably wouldn’t while performing their daily tasks in the office. At least once a year, plan an outside-of-work team building exercise at a local park, nearby retreat, or fun destination to bring cohesion to your team and keep the spirit of company culture alive.

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