7 Tips for How to Find the Right Candidate for Job Openings

Job candidates waiting for a job interview
September 18, 2019

In the corporate world, there are a seemingly endless number of jobs available and qualified candidates looking for jobs. However, the challenge lies in matching the right people with the right jobs and wading through the candidate pool to find that one potential candidate who will do the job best.

Here are NYC Office Suites’ seven recruitment ideas for employers and tips for how to find candidates for jobs that bring the most value to your company. 

1. Create a Highly Descriptive and Accurate Job Posting

In most situations, the best jobs come with well-defined expectations and goals. One of the best tips for how to recruit people is to create a job description that is very specific, descriptive, and accurate. To write the job description, use input from other people at your company who currently perform these job duties and managers who oversee people doing these tasks.

2. Post About Openings in Company Correspondence

Don’t limit yourself to just job boards to share information about your job. Another one of our recruitment tips is to make posts about job openings in company chats, emails, or on a kitchen bulletin board to increase the likelihood of referrals by current employees.

3. Pay Employees to Attend Networking Events

You can also find great options for potential candidates by paying for current employees to attend relevant conferences or trade shows. These events are great places to network and create contact lists of potential people to reach out to for future job openings.

4. Attend Job Fairs to Discover New Talent

Another answer to how to hire good employees is to attend job fairs at nearby colleges to meet with fresh talent for jobs or internships. An added bonus of attending these events is that they help build brand awareness that may be beneficial when students are looking for jobs in future years.

5. Promptly Notify All Candidates

Whether or not you hire certain candidates, make a point to promptly notify all applicants of your final decision to let people know if they are no longer in the running for the job. This practice helps your company maintain a good reputation and prevents applicants from being discouraged to apply for other jobs because they didn’t get feedback.

6. Harness the Power of Social Media

Thanks to the power of social media, you can find candidates for jobs by utilizing company and employee Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to showcase the culture and personality of your company. Great posts include ones about team-building days, company happy hours, and photos of team members enjoying a fun work environment.

7. Get Feedback from Recent Hires

The last of our recruitment ideas is to get feedback from recently hired employees about where they heard about their job opening and how they felt about the recruitment and interview process. Use this information to improve on what isn’t working and continue on with what is working well.

Regardless of where you are at with the hiring process, NYC Office Suites can help businesses of all sizes and types do what they do best. Contact us to learn more about our flexible office spaces, on-demand meeting rooms, and virtual office solutions to make hiring and interviewing more efficient and productive.

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