Team-Building Activities That Will Actually Benefit Your Company and Employees

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September 18, 2019

Regardless of your industry or type of company, most people work better on teams than in an environment on their own. By nature, we are social beings who thrive off of the feedback and energies of those around us. This is why team-building activities are so useful for companies to bring people closer together and encourage both individual and company-wide growth.

Here are some suggestions for team-building activities for work and how to incorporate them into your company culture.

The Importance of Team-Building Activities for Work

While some people might think that team bonding is silly or a waste of time, there is real and proven value in doing team-building activities with your employees. Team-building improves group trust, camaraderie, and productivity because employees get to know each other better on a personal level.

Meanwhile, these activities boost workers’ loyalty and dedication to the company because they help employees feel appreciated and worth the extra effort. Team bonding makes work feel more enjoyable as friendships are developed beyond the most basic of coworker interactions. Over time, this improves employee retention and job satisfaction.

Potlucks and Cook-Offs

Food is something that everyone loves and can enjoy, which is why food-related team-building activities are always a big hit with employees. Organize a potluck where everyone brings in a favorite dish or perhaps a themed dish for an office party. If you want to add an element of competition, organize a cookoff for a beloved food in your region, such as chili or barbecue.

Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are also fun for team-building ideas because they challenge employees’ strengths and encourages them to work together with their collective knowledge. You can coordinate a meetup at a local brewery that is hosting a trivia night, or if you have many employees in a large corporate environment, you can host your own private trivia night with teams of your own employees.

Laser Tag

To get your employees active and out of their usual element, consider doing a team-building session of laser tag. This is an adrenaline-pumping way to have your employees work together on teams at a local laser tag facility and in a safe and fun environment.

Scavenger Hunts Around the City

City-wide scavenger hunts help employees get to know their city better and also work better together on teams. This is a great option for team-building if many of your employees are recent transplants and new to the city.

Karaoke Nights

The thing to remember about karaoke nights is that you don’t have to be a good singer to enjoy them! Take your employees out to a local karaoke bar, private Japanese-style karaoke room, or even bring a karaoke machine into your office for team bonding and fun.

Sporting Events

A great way to bring everyone together in your company is to rally around the home team and attend a professional sporting event. Whether its baseball, football, basketball, or another sport, buy tickets for all of your employees and ensure that you have enough seats blocked off together.

Volunteer Work

You can also put your team-building efforts towards a good cause by volunteering together for a local nonprofit. Since many volunteer-related corporate team building activities are scheduled during the winter holiday season, consider planning your volunteer session in another season when the nonprofit of your choice might be receiving fewer volunteers.

How NYC Office Suites Can Help

One challenge that many companies have when trying to plan team-building activities for work is finding adequate space for the event. This is where NYC Office Suites can step in to help because we can set you up with meeting rooms and conference rooms that make perfect event spaces. We offer event space rentals for both members and non-members, and pricing starts at just $42 per hour as part of a package or $69 per hour on demand.

Contact us to learn more and get the help you need to plan a great team-building event!

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