Helpful Entrepreneur Tips for Your New Office Space

Entrepreneurs in a new office space
December 9, 2019

With the new year right around the corner, this is an exciting time to be a budding entrepreneur with lots of innovative ideas for a new business. As you know, there are so many different things to think about when you’re launching a new company. But an important one that shouldn’t be overlooked is how you’ll establish your office space and working environment.

Here are some entrepreneur tips and our best entrepreneur ideas for creating an office that will help your new business grow, prosper, and bring you great satisfaction.

Weigh the Benefits of Renting vs. Purchasing an Office

One big decision to consider early on in your career as an entrepreneur is whether you want to purchase an office, sign a year-long lease, or rent office space on a more temporary or occasional basis. There is a lot to be said for going against the traditional route of buying an office property right away, especially if you are an entrepreneur just starting out. In today’s modern working world, flexible office space is the way to go as you test new ideas and try new business concepts.

NYC Office Suites offers flexible office spaces in Manhattan with contract terms that last as little as three months. Then as your new business grows and expands, we can provide you with additional office spaces, such as an executive office, coworking spaces, multi-person offices, and project offices. This helps you stay within your budget as a startup company and not spend beyond your means in the early stages.

Build Flexibility into Your New Company

In addition to choosing a flexible office arrangement, there are many other ways to build flexibility into your new company so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. You can give your employees more freedom in terms of what projects they work on and where they can do their work, for example.

Limit the number of scheduled meetings you have to just the ones that are truly essential, and encourage employees to take breaks and have personal interests outside of the workplace. Always have back-up plans (and back-up plans to those back-up plans) as you launch your business from the ground up.  

Combine Physical and Digital Work Spaces for the Best of Both Worlds

Physical workspaces create stability, permanence, and professionalism. But they can feel rigid, constraining, and drain your finances. Digital workspaces provide flexibility, are cost-conscious, and help you attract a broader workforce. But they can make people not take your business seriously and make it hard for you to keep tabs on your employees’ progress.

However, you don’t have to settle for just one of these two options! Many new startup companies have found success by striking a balance between the physical and digital work worlds.

For example, you might find that it works best for your business to allow employees to work from home while you maintain a virtual office. However, there is still a time and a place for live, in-person meetings too when you have important clients, customers, or interviewees to discuss matters with. For these occasional needs, on-demand meeting rooms can give your startup credibility and a professional appearance without having to spend a fortune on a full-time office.

Choose Business Practices to Jumpstart Your Business

Getting started is often the most challenging part when you’re an entrepreneur, which is why you might be looking for a good jumpstart right now. For example, you can establish a positive sense of urgency that makes employees feel engaged and focused. Encourage your employees to weigh in with their ideas, and consider looking at other entrepreneurs and businesses as potential partners in a collaborative way.

Always be testing new ideas and learning new things to keep yourself open-minded and ready for potential twists and turns your new business may take. Sometimes a corporate retreat or just a fun local outing can be all you need to feel refreshed and reenergized to pour more time and energy into your new business.

Consider What’s Best for Your Employees

Another of our best entrepreneur business ideas is to put yourself in the shoes of your employees and consider what they want and need from this working relationship. It’s easy to get caught up in what you need and what the business needs, but fulfilling those needs may never be possible with dissatisfied and unchallenged employees.

Depending on what your business type is, your employees may benefit from having flexible work schedules, more training, private offices, or more technical support. You never know until you ask, so stay in close contact with your employees so you know what is driving productivity or hindering it.

Carefully Consider the Layout

When choosing a physical office space, either on a full-time or part-time basis, layout really matters. On our website, we share sample office configurations in a visual format to help you envision yourself here and determine what will work best for you. Beyond our popular executive suites and meeting rooms, we also show you ideas for collaborative team rooms, document review rooms, open floor plan offices, showroom office spaces, and storage suites.

Surround Yourself with Innovation and Creativity

Lists of entrepreneur tips always include surrounding yourself with positivity because a negative entrepreneur is never a successful one. Your office space should make you feel inspired, creative, and productive – not weigh you down or exhaust you. You can improve your physical surroundings by letting more natural light in, adding some plants, decorating with calming and stimulating décor, and bringing in elements of fun.

Channel Others’ Energy to Stay Positive and Motivated

Many of the best entrepreneur business models rely upon the energy of others to stay on track and moving forward in the right direction. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be the best version of yourself and create the best business possible.

When you work in one of our NYC Office Suite locations in vibrant Midtown Manhattan, you’ll be working among some of the most influential and innovative companies in the city today. We offer more than just places to work; we also offer business center memberships and communities to help connect you with like-minded business people through networking and holiday events.

Contact us to learn more about our properties, office options, and flexible terms. We’d love to be part of making your new entrepreneurial business a success in the new year!

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