Fostering a Healthy Work Environment

Rockefeller Center Boardroom
March 16, 2020

At NYC Office Suites, we know that a healthy workplace is top of mind for all businesses. Currently, most companies have instituted a work-from-home policy during the coronavirus outbreak. But before you know it, we will be back to business as usual, and you’ll need to offer an office environment where health is a prioritized. To help meet that critical objective, we offer access to Class-A buildings with amenities and services that promote a healthy work environment. These spaces will help you relax and focus on the work of running your business.

The benefits of Class-A buildings

Imagine working in a state-of-the-art office space where all your logistical needs are seamlessly covered. That’s what you get when you work in a Class-A building. These facilities are the newest and highest-quality buildings on the market. They offer frequent maintenance and a professional, high standard of cleaning. You’ll also have access to responsive management when you need it.

Class-A buildings are generally the most attractive buildings available, with high-quality construction, frequent remodels, and top-notch building infrastructure. This is conducive to promoting the productivity of your people and helps you impress your current and prospective clients. Class A buildings are centrally located and close to main transportation hubs – so they are easy to get to as well.

Rockefeller Center location

Take our building at 1270 Avenue of the Americas, for example – our Rockefeller Center building in the heart of Manhattan. Its central location offers easy access to both the east and west sides of Manhattan and has direct subway access to the building’s newly renovated lobby. Many of the world’s top companies are in the same neighborhood, as are countless hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

Putting your health first

We’re all concerned about our health these days. Our Rockefeller Center location has amenities to help, including:

  • Professional cleaning. Our facility offers frequent, professional, and highly detailed cleaning. We know this is always important, and especially so during cold and flu season, to help keep your employees healthy and safe.
  • Outdoor terrace. Our building at 1270 Avenue of the Americas offers a large outdoor terrace for fresh air – where your employees can take a break to soak in some Vitamin D or socialize amongst themselves and/or with clients in an open-air environment.
  • Natural light. This building also offers abundant access to natural light which has been shown to enhance office productivity.
  • Private offices. There are times when you simply need to close a door and get to work in privacy. At our location at Rockefeller Center, we offer numerous private offices with doors. In these spaces, you can isolate yourself and get down to the work of operating your successful companywith no distractions.

At NYC Office Suites, we love helping companies best serve the needs of their employees by offering convenient office space when you need it or virtual office solutions for modern businesses. Contact us at 800-346-3968 to learn more!

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