Why a Class A Building Is the Best Choice for NYC Lawyers

Lawyer speaking to client in their office in a class A building in NYC
March 30, 2020

There are three main classifications for office buildings in New York City: Class A, Class B, and Class C. While this distinction may not matter much in certain industries, it is very important in the legal industry and for attorneys based in Manhattan.

Here are the benefits of working in a Class A building for lawyers and where to find Class A office space rental in Manhattan.

What Building Classes Mean for Office Rental Space

The classes of buildings are somewhat subjective and vary based upon where they are located in the world. But as a general rule, Class A buildings are located in central business districts, have prestigious addresses, and are large in size. These buildings are beautifully designed and packed with in-demand amenities and technological features. NYC Office Suites offers office rental space rental in Class A buildings to suit your professional needs.

Meanwhile, Class B buildings that offer office rental space are usually older, a bit more outdated, and not as modern or technically efficient. These buildings often do not have the elegance of a Class A building, and parking, security, and administrative staff may be lacking.

Significantly older buildings of 20 years or more and that are more run-down and out-of-date are classified as Class C buildings. In these office rental spaces, there are few, if any, modern amenities but rent prices are considerably cheaper.

The Professional Image of a Class A Building

Image, first impressions, and professionalism are so important in the legal industry, which is why NYC lawyers want to work in Class A buildings. Having an office in a beautiful building in a high-profile area instantly impresses clients and makes them feel like they are incapable and successful hands with your legal services. Being in a coveted location, such as Midtown Manhattan, makes it easy and convenient for clients to get to you and for you to get to meetings and court hearings.

Perks of Shared Receptionists in a Class A Building

Another benefit of being in a Class A building is often access to a shared receptionist who is an expert in the administrative needs of attorneys. Having a shared receptionist can help lawyers cut down on costs so they can enjoy a more profitable and rewarding career. These professionals also help to organize your workflow so that you can stay on top of your busy client schedule.

Typical Amenities in a Class A Building

Another of the best things about working in a Class A building is having access to all the great amenities they offer tenants. When you work as a Class A building, you can use high-end copiers, use multiple meeting rooms to maintain strict client confidentiality, and utilize the services of an in-house office manager. Class A buildings often have onsite parking, a food court, in-house mail collection, and a coffeeshop for breaks. They have a certain “wow” factor that may feature a stunning sculpture, beautiful water feature, or indoor atrium with lots of green plants.

Find Class A Building Office Space Rental Manhattan

NYC Office Suites is proud to offer more than 170,000 square feet of flexible office rental space in prime Midtown Manhattan locations. Whether you choose to rent office space or meeting rooms in the Rockefeller Center, Citigroup Center, Graybar Building, or another Class A location, we can help you achieve the prestige you want with all the amenities and services you’ll appreciate.

Contact us online or by phone at 800-346-3968 to learn more and get one step closer to having your own ready-to-use law office in Manhattan.

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