Office Space NYC: Down Sides of Coworking Space

Flexible Office Space NYC
August 12, 2015

The coworking trend is evident. Walls and partitions tumble down in offices everywhere. Coworking spaces consist of renting a desktop in an open office space plan for a flexible time period. The space is shared by other professionals from varying professional backgrounds, such as artists, researchers and sales personnel, etc. The coworking trend has gained considerable momentum in the last decade as today’s work force has become increasingly transient and mobile.

As operation models vary, coworking typically is appealing for work at home professionals, startup businesses,  independent contractors and traveling professionals. New York City is populated with office sharing arrangements. However, there are certain disadvantages and downsides to coworking. Here we discuss things to consider when deciding where to partner for flexible office space rentals.

Coworking Style Office Space: Things to Consider

  • Coworking spaces do not offer the privacy and dedicated space that some businesses need to grow. If meeting with Clients or potential Clients is a big part of your role, coworking centers can present crowded environments and contested conference room space. Your meeting may necessitate a polished and professional atmosphere with a reception team to greet and welcome your potential business partners or clients.
  • Noisy coworking areas can provide a huge distraction. Coworking places can be noisy especially considering that these spaces cater to an expansive list of professional service providers. Imagine being seated next to a gregarious sales person who is cold-calling potential customers when you are tasked with providing financial forecasts for the next quarter. Your employees are left feeling overwhelmed by the chaotic environment
  • A coworking space may lend itself to more socializing due to the open floor plan. This type of space may cause you to lose productivity for time-sensitive deliverables. And your good employees are being poached!
  • Storage for personal files or personal computers is scarce in many coworking style office floor plans. A coworking office may not be the most secure place for confidential files and having to transport them brings a whole subset of potential consequences such as losing or misplacing confidential files. A storage fee and worry of your privacy may be more costly mentally and financially.


Flexible Office Space: NYC

If your growing company is in need of New York City office space, consider partnering with a purveyor of elite Manhattan flexible office space, such as NYC Office Suites. With private office space located in some of New York City’s top business addresses such as the Graybar Building and Commerce Building in midtown Manhattan, your team will be provided with top-rated meeting rooms, flexible office space, and virtual offices essential to growing a lucrative business. Community is still a lively part of each of the NYC Office Suites’ centers with monthly coffee tastings, educational events and happy hours. You have a choice in your social interactions and can still enjoy the productivity of a private office. Call or contact us today at (1800) 346-3968 to learn how NYC Office Suites can help minimize your overhead costs while still providing you with quality flexible office space.

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