Why Stamford, Connecticut Is the Best Place to Start a Business Near NYC

Consider relocating your business to beautiul Stamford, Connecticut
February 8, 2019

With a current population of over 130,000 people, the Connecticut of Stamford is an ideally sized and perfectly situated place for business owners. With skyrocketing New York City rental prices and high costs of operations, an increasing number of companies are choosing to call Stamford their home base and enjoy more profits and success than ever before.

Not only is Stamford one of the most popular cities in Connecticut, but it’s also the best place to start a business if you want to be near New York City. Here are some details about the growing business opportunities in Stamford, Connecticut and why businesses should consider moving to this part of the Tri-State Area.

Towns in Connecticut Close to NYC

There are many popular cities in Connecticut for business owners and entrepreneurs due to their ideal location in the Tri-State Area. Some towns in Connecticut close to NYC are Byram, Greenwich, and Stratford. But if you’re looking for the best place to start a business in the region, then consider the possibilities of Stamford, Connecticut. 

Stamford is a major commercial and economic hub and a popular city for NYC commuters. It also hits lots of key metrics that businesses will be interested to learn about, such as a 1.5 percent growth rate, 39.19 percent projected future growth rate, and a 5.3 percent population growth rate.

Stamford Has the Lowest Business Tax Rate in the U.S.

Taxes are a major cause of concern for businesses, which is a top reason why companies are relocating to Stamford. For several years now, Connecticut has been seeing strong business migration, largely due to its decision to offer the lowest effective business tax rate in the country.

This amount is 7.5 percent of net income for corporations in Connecticut, which is considerably lower than the 21 percent or higher in many other regions. Current Connecticut laws encourage business investment and growth, making this a prime time to look into Stamford as your company’s home. This growth is fueling the local economy while the commercial and residential real estate prices remain much more reasonable than in New York City.

Small Businesses Make up 97 Percent of Connecticut’s Total Businesses

Local businesses are the backbone of the Connecticut economy and a driving factor in job creation and economic growth. The small businesses here in Connecticut make up much of the state’s workforce and offer many jobs to qualified candidates who live and commute to jobs here. Accordingly, the city of Stamford offers many resources for small business owners to get started with their operations here, as well as networking opportunities and local tax incentive programs.

Meanwhile, some of the world’s largest corporations are based in Stamford, bringing a diversity of jobs and opportunities to the region. Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in between, there is a valuable place for your company in Stamford.

Connecticut Offers a Promising Workforce

When you start a new business in Stamford or move your business here, you’ll also have access to one of the brightest and most promising workforces in the country. According to WalletHub research that compared 15 metrics across all 50 states about the educational attainment of adults, Connecticut ranked third in the US. for the most educated states, only after Massachusetts and Maryland.

Connecticut is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, hedge funds, and billionaire residents – all of which is good news if you are looking to hire top-notch talent or seeking investors for your company. The University of Connecticut at Stamford is located here, and there are actually 186 colleges within a 50-mile radius of the city for businesses to connect with and discover energetic and dedicated new hires.

Stamford Is About an Hour from NYC

Another factor that makes Stamford so attractive for businesses is its close proximity to New York City. Even with traffic, Stamford is only about an hour from the city and a mere 40 or so miles away. Public transportation between NYC and Stamford is a breeze, thanks to the Northeast Regional line, the New Haven line, the Vermonter, and the Acela Express that all offer convenient nonstop service between the cities.

A public transit commute from NYC to Stamford will only take you about 45 minutes, which is a major perk for clients, customers, and employees that you want to work with in your Stamford-based business. When you’re based in Stamford, you’ll also be in a prime position to travel to other major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, such as Providence, Hartford, and Philadelphia.

There’s Lots to See and Do in Stamford

Stamford isn’t just a great place to do business; it’s also a wonderful place to live and explore. Stamford is situated on Long Island Sound and home to popular sightseeing attractions, such as the Stamford Museum and Nature Center with its early-1900s mansion, education farm, and observatory. Meanwhile, Stamford residents and visitors love spending time at the bird habitat and beach area of Cove Island Park, as well as the beach and boardwalk at Cummings Park.

Stamford’s downtown area is home to more than 80 restaurants and clubs, as well as hundreds of stores, theaters, galleries, and services. Other fun ways to get to know this part of Connecticut include watching a live performance at the Palace Theatre, browsing art at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, and getting active in the outdoors at Mill River Park and nearby Mianus River State Park. The fact that Stamford has so many local offerings for business professionals and their families makes this a wonderful place to call home.

Finding Office Space Stamford

These are just some of the many reasons why Stamford is such a hot spot for new businesses right now and why office space Stamford is in such high demand. In addition to our Midtown Manhattan, NYC offerings, NYC Office Suites also offers office space Stamford options to help you become part of this growing business community.

Our boutique office building at 30 Oak Street in Stamford is centrally located in town and between I-95 and Merritt Parkway. This is a great place to be if you’re looking for flexible, temporary, or occasional office space for your business, as well as meeting rooms, private offices, conference rooms, and virtual office solutions. Our Stamford location has undergone extensive capital improvements, including upgraded lobbies and common corridors, as well as refurbished bathrooms, roof space, and café. We offer substantial covered parking at a ratio of three per 1,000 RSF, have a communal kitchen, storage space available, and 24/7 keycard access here. In addition to onsite ownership and property management, we also offer onsite security and camera surveillance at our Stamford building to provide you with convenience and peace of mind.

This is a very walkable area where you can get to all the downtown amenities, Stamford Judicial Court, and the train station with direct service to NYC with just a short walk. There are many luxury housing options, retail stores, and banks nearby, giving you and your employees access everything you need to help your business thrive in Stamford.

To learn more about finding flexible office space Stamford options, explore our floor plans, request a quote, or contact us with questions at 800-346-3968. We’re excited to be part of this great place to start a business and are confident that you’ll fall in love with the Stamford’s growing opportunities too.

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