Simple and Low-Cost Office Design Ideas to Give Your Office a Fresh Look

June 17, 2019

For many companies, the only time that office décor is considered is whenever it’s time to move into a new space or expand an existing space. However, you can reenergize your workplace to boost productivity and happiness in an office without a lot of effort or spending a fortune.

Here are some simple and low-cost office design ideas to easily update your office décor and give it a new look.

Take an Employee Poll for Feedback

Regardless of your industry, you may have some design-minded employees in your office and not even realize it! To get a better sense of what is working well aesthetically in your office and what needs to be updated, take an employee poll to get feedback on the current vibe of your office décor. Even in the very busiest of offices where this step may feel unnecessarily time-consuming, remember that making small changes can give a space new energy and increase employee satisfaction in the office.

Remove Barriers to Increase Openness

One great office space design idea is to remove cubicle walls and other barriers, where possible, to increase the openness of your floor plan. Open plan offices are one of the many office configurations we offer at NYC Office Suites to establish a creative identity in a business.

Add Some Plants and Greenery

Plants instantly breath new life into a dull and mundane office space, and they have health benefits for employees too. Add hearty and resilient plants to your office that require minimal care, such as aloe, succulents, philodendron, and bamboo.

Update the Lighting Fixtures

Lighting has a huge impact on office décor and employee productivity. Instead of harsh fluorescent overhead lights, consider installing energy efficient LED lights in some new floor lamps and desk lamps. You can also improve the moods and health of your employees by allowing more natural light to come in the windows and reducing glare.

Reorganize Furniture to Improve Communal Spaces

Additionally, you can improve your office space design by reorganizing existing furniture in communal spaces. Arrange furniture in multiple small circles to encourage intimate gatherings for conversation, and make these spaces feel cozy and comfortable to attract employees to them. You may also consider rearranging the furniture in a circle in meeting rooms to give them more of a collaborative feel rather than a presentation feel.

Reupholster and Refinish Existing Furniture

If the furniture in your office is looking a bit old and weathered, it may be time to repair or replace it. As a cost-effective measure, consult a furniture repair specialist about the estimated costs to reupholster or refinish existing pieces of furniture to make them more beautiful and attractive among your office décor.

Add Unique Pieces of Artwork

Another one of our office design ideas is to add a few paintings, sculptures, or other unique pieces of artwork around the office to add beauty and elegance to the space. Just make sure that artwork reflects your company’s culture and reinforces corporate values before making a creative investment.

Paint an Accent Wall

A final creative idea we’ll mention is to paint one wall in a bright or bold color to serve as an eye-catching accent wall in your office. This easy upgrade will add personality to the space and allow newly acquired artwork to stand out even more.

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