Why Aesthetics and Office Layout Are So Important When Designing a Modern Office

June 17, 2019

According to a recent Clutch “Future of Work” survey, a majority of employees who work in a desk environment place a high value on comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workplaces. Many of these employees shared that having a dedicated office, desk, or meeting space is important, and about half of employees value a community-focused atmosphere in the workplace. Meanwhile, successful CEOs have found that office design has a significant impact on corporate culture, especially when it incorporates elements of fun while simultaneously allowing for greater workplace productivity.

These kinds of surveys reinforce the importance of creative and aesthetic office design when designing an office space. Here are some tips for perfecting your modern office layout and aesthetics for better employee performance and future business success.

The Benefits of a Great Office Design

Having a great office design is often worth spending a little extra money on because of the tremendous benefits it brings to employees and company culture. For example, a well-designed office affects employee satisfaction, employee productivity, and increases employee retention. It also can facilitate greater collaboration among employees and make a good first impression for visiting clients. Other benefits of good office design include less distracting clutter, improved employee motivation, equal opportunities, and better usage of technology.

Openness of Space for Your Office Layout

Numerous surveys have revealed that the best office layouts are ones with balance – some open space to inspire creativity and collaboration along with some secluded office areas for private conversations and greater focus. At NYC Office Suites, we can help you strike this balance with multiple office space configurations that allow for executive offices, multi-person offices, coworking spaces, shared office spaces, flexible workspaces, team/project offices, and cubicles.

Technology Needs in the Modern Office

Nearly every business industry in today’s modern world relies upon technology in some way; however, technology needs should not detract from the aesthetics of good office design. When redesigning an office space, carefully consider where essential machinery is placed so that it is easily accessible yet does not detract from the welcoming look and feel of the office.

Office Design with Meeting and Collaboration Spaces

The modern office also requires well-appointed meeting and collaboration spaces that make employees at all levels engaged and excited to share and contribute to shared company goals. These spaces will leave lasting impressions upon new potential hires, existing customers, and visiting clients, so don’t skimp on the details. At all of our conveniently located Midtown Manhattan meeting spaces for rent, we offer administrative staff, technology teams, and great places to host collaborative events.

In-Office Kitchens and Other Additional Features

You can also personalize your office layout and make it more attractive to employees by adding additional features, such as an in-office kitchen and break rooms to socialize and relax. These types of spaces help create and maintain a positive company culture and help employees feel more at home while doing their jobs. You can also make a workplace feel more like home by displaying photos from team-building events, trophies and medals from company award ceremonies, and information about fun after-work events on a community board or on the front of the office kitchen’s refrigerator.

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